Swarovski Encrusted Sweat Bands and Trackies for Over €200? Say Hello to Net-a-Sporter

Testament to just how seriously we take our sports gear these days -this month, the trend savvy folk over at Net-a-Porter have launched the cleverly titled Net-a-Sporter, a dedicated category catering to all of our sporting needs.

There's no denying that what we wear while we exercise has become so popular in recent years,that it's now a large part of what gets us motivated to move our bums in the first place. And even high end designers are keen to get in on the act.

Just last week we wrote about how what were once functional trainers have now become a staple in our day to day wardrobes. And capitalising on this move towards sports-luxe, Net-a-Sporter has set itself up as the ultimate destination for luxury online activewear (or possibly those of us who've yet to ditch the old baggy t-shirts and the 'anything will do, sure I'm only going to be schweatin' like a pig' trackies in favour of something designed to aid our performance without compromising on style).

Speaking to The Telegraph about the launch of this new section which breaks things down into every sporting category from running gear to equestrian wear, Net-a-Porter president Alison Loehnis said:

The initial idea for Net-a-Sporter only came about six months ago. We already carry some great activewear brands, such as Adidas by Stella McCartney, Lucas Hugh and Nike and we wanted to build on our offering and broaden our buy to create a dedicated category for sport. We did a lot of research with our customer base and discovered that there is an increasing desire for all things fitness-related and that women across the world are becoming more and more active.

The desire is certainly there, but how do you feel about splashing out major dosh for your activewear?


While also including items that are more accessibly priced to suit the average Joe (or Josephine, I should say), the majority of what you'll find on Net-a-Sporter (and Net-a-Porter in general) are of the luxury variety. Sportswear will always cost a little more when you're looking for something that promises to be breathable, for example, or something that will keep you warm in the winter without weighing you down, but how high a price are you prepared to pay?

One brand featured within the running section is 'Live the Process'. Granted, they're probably very well designed, but would you pay €234 for stretch jersey track pants? Even if I found myself on triple my annual salary, I'd struggle to warrant spending quite this much on something that would only see the inside of a gym.


If you really feel like going completely bananas on sports gear, you could always add this Swarovski crystal wrist band to your next ensemble, sure it's only €180.

netasporterApart from the odd necessary addition from the more affordable likes of Adidas, Under Armour or Nike, I think I'll be sticking to the more humble aisles of Penneys.


What about you? Would you be happy to spend big bucks on your gym gear? And where do you pick up your yoga pants?

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