All tall people need this clever business card

Tall people problems including struggling to find a date who you don’t look ridiculous standing next to as well of course your height being the first topic of conversation when you meet someone for the first time. The latter tends to be followed by some kind of view/weather joke. Haw haw.

Well 17 year old Logan from Holly Springs, North Carolina – who is 6ft 7in by the way – decided he was sick of being told he’s really tall.

And so, when asked to work on a group project in his civics class earlier this week, and classmate Heather asked him about his height, he handed her this business card:


Heather posted an image of the card on Twitter, where it has over 55,000 likes and has been shared 33,000 times (at the time of writing).

She followed it with a picture of her and Logan together:


Logan told NY Mag that he ordered 100 business cards online for $10 and it was the ‘best investment’ he’d ever made.

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