Technology is the Key to Your Heart Apparently

The heartbeat sensor is one of the big selling points of Apple's magic watch, which would let you share your heartbeat with others so that they could feel like you were right there with them, forcing them to measure your pulse.

Well at least one company has decided to put that feature to use in an interesting way by integrating it with Tinder. The marketing company T3 have decided that their addition to the app will let you know what your heart thinks as you swipe on the app, instead of making the decision with your head.

The heart beat sensor on the Apple Watch will tell you if the person you're looking at gets your pulse going, and let you know if your heart-rate has gone up or down as a result of locking eyes with (a picture of) the person.


We wonder what they'll make of it in Waterford. Do you think knowing what your heart rate is will help you make better decisions on Tinder?

Via Business Insider

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