The Best of Twitter's Reaction to Rebellion's Debut Last Night

RTE premiered their much anticipated 1916 drama Rebellion last night, which you would have wanted to have been hiding under a rock on Mars not to have heard about at this stage. Ads were all over the telly box over the festive season and there seem to be billboards of it all across the country. So did it live up to the hype?

Thankfully, so far so great for the period drama, with writer Colin Teevan (who was also behind last year's Charlie) taking the bold move in not focusing the story on the main players of the Rising we are used to hearing about, but rather deciding to take a closer look at those in the background of this historic point in Irish history.

In just its first hour, it successfully managed to create engaging characters (with the womens' stories very much at the forefront), showcase some high quality production values, and offer us a different perspective on a time that we only really know the bullet points about from our secondary school books. Oh and the opening scenes of Michael Collins of course.

So what did the good people of Twitter think about it? Well, there was a LOT of Love/Hate references....


Once people got passed that however, (and it didn't take long in fairness) it seemed to be going down well...

While there's always a comedian...



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