The phone-recording debacle is actually Taylor Swift's worst nightmare come to life

This explains things...

Swift was on Capital FM last year being interviewed by Dave Berry when he asked about 'anxiety dreams' and Swift shared her real life fears as well which, creepily, include being recorded or videoed without her knowing.

"I have a lot of issues with buildings like this, ’cause I always feel like someone has bugged the room, and is either videoing me or recording me. So that’s one of my paranoias."

Taylor continued to tell Berry that she has nightmares that she's "being framed for murder" and that they're so convincing that she "can't remember" if she's done it or not.


Fingers crossed that isn't a prediction for the future, although at this stage 2016 is so mad that we wouldn't rule it out.

Stress is no joke. We're starting to feel a bit sorry for her.

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