The seven best friends that every woman needs

Today is #NationalBestFriendsDay, so here at, we're taking a moment to celebrate the besties in our life. Now that we're all grown up (not that we care to admit it), we no longer confine ourselves to just the one 'best friend'; the more the merrier.

Also, as you'll probably realise when you take a look around your circle of friends, there's more than one type of best friend among your crew. Behold, the seven kinds of pals that every gal should have. Tag yours below!


  1. The friend who will tell you that your Miley Cyrus inspired buns don't look as cute on you as you think, but you love them for their honesty. When it comes to your wedding day, they won't be afraid to tell you what dress actually suits you best.
  2. The friend who doesn't judge you, or look at you disapprovingly EVER. We all have that friend we go to when we've done something bad or feel the need to voice something that we could never say in the company of anyone else, and they'll always reassure you that a) you're not a bad person and b) you haven't lost your mind. Even if you've maxed out your credit card because you bought a farm of teacup piglets on a whim, they'll find a way to relate.
  3. The friend with whom you can be the worst version of yourself. They know when you've fallen victim to a dodgy takeaway, they know your cycle, and with them, peeing with the door closed would be just weird.
  4. The friend who goes absolutely bananas with you, on call, whenever the mood should strike you. Some friends need lots of advance warning and time to get ready, but every gal needs a friend who'll drop everything to guzzle prosecco and run riot around town when you've had a crappy week. We salute this friend.
  5. The friend with whom you drink copious amounts of tea and enjoy an endless gossip. Every second sentence might be 'oh my God' or 'no f*cking WAY' but this friendship goes deep.
  6. The friend who you might not see very often but every time you do, you pick up exactly where you left off as though no time has passed. Maintaining close friendships with more than a few people is hard work, but we all have those friends who we love to catch up with without that pressure of 'you haven't texted me in a week'...
  7. The friend who was there when you cried enough tears to fill a tub of Ben n Jerry's, who'll be there when you say 'I do' and when the kids come along, and even when you're old and grey, rocking a trendy purple rinse, you'll STILL be reminiscing about that time you woke up in a tent that wasn't yours at Electric Picnic.


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