Thinking of giving up chocolate? This'll definitely help

This is like the time a Team Beaut member found an earwig in her soup. None of us has darkened that café's doorway ever since (and it was our favourite). Nor have we imbibed soup.

Ferraro Rocher chocolates are a particularly popular brand around Christmas time and there would be a large number of us in this country that would have had more than just a few of them over the Christmas break.

If you belong in that category and are a little bit squeamish then maybe you should look away now. However, if you are on a new year's mission to give up the sweet stuff, this could be the sharp nudge you need.


Yep, that's a worm. In a Ferrero Rocher.

Have you ever found anything that's not supposed to be eaten in your food or drink before? Did it shock you into never eating that food again?

Via YouTube

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