Three Apples Diet: get out and buy dem Granny Smiths



"Listen up yis warriers. Get yer apples here. Three fer a euro. Lose yer flab and eat yer way to healt" (must be said in a Bill Cullen voice).

What a way to boost apple sales wha? I mean we know they're good for us - an apple a day and all that - but if it helps weight loss too then it could be our new best friend. Fruit has a fairly strong partnership with the diet industry anyway - be it papaya, pineapple, grapefruit or any of them fancy pants fruits with their tropical enzymes. But the humble apple? Here's the rationale.


This is a diet based around a fairly samey low carb, low calorie eating plan. But the hook is this: eat an apple before each meal and it helps you to get filled up with fibre and gives you a sugar boost. You want to eat less and feel more satisfied with the food that you do eat. And if you want to snack? Well have an apple of course.

Click here to read more from the diet's 'creator'. Strikes me you might get mighty sick of Pink Ladies. But the lure of an easy route to weight loss is very tempting isn't it? Has anyone given it a go?

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