First Look at the Kardashians as Kids in American Crime Story

The creator of the successful TV show American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy, has branched out the series with his much anticipated upcoming show American Crime Story, with the first season based on the OJ Simpson trial - one of the most watched televised events of our times.

So what have the Kardashians got to do with that? Well, many of you may already know but Robert Kardashian was one of Simpson's legal advisors and a central character in the trial and preceding murder investigation. And given the global phenomenon that are the Kardashians these days, it's only natural his kids would get a look in on this show, and they are almost eerily like the real deal.

Check them out in the pics below with David Schwimmer, who is playing Robert Kardashian in the series.

And here's the real life Kardashians back in the day.


The series also stars Cuba Gooding Jr who will play the controversial OJ, along with John Travolta as defense attorney Robert Shapiro. The series is set to premiere on FX in 2016.

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This is going to be good. Right?

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