Top Irish Twitter Trends of 2015 #YearOnTwitter

'Tis that time of year again when we cast a retrospective peeper over the year that was - and what better gauge do we have at our disposal than twitter stats!

Hang about, they're a lot more exciting than they sound.

Behold the top tweeted topics in Ireland during 2015, courtesy of Twitter

If celebs are your thing, you may be excited to hear that Harry Styles had the most retweeted post this year. And here it is.


This was followed swiftly by @Potus tweeting his joy at "the big step in our march toward equality."


Niall Horan wishing fellow 1D bandmate Liam Payne Happy Birthday took third place...

Lastly, we have the final tweet from Leonard Nimoy...

As for who joined... Edward Snowden garnered more than 175k followers in less than an hour of joining on September 29th.

@POTUS was given his own account, while Diana Ross also got involved...


Finally - you're all poised for feedback on #TheDress, aren't you... "In February the world witnessed one those beautiful moments made possible by the interconnected age we live in: someone posted a picture of a dress, and the Internet lost its collective mind. Was #TheDress black and blue, or was it white and gold? As people debated #BlueandBlack or #WhiteandGold, the dress sparked a global conversation, with more than 4.4M Tweets on February 26 and 27."

For the record, it was blue and black. Or was it white and gold... GARGH!

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