Cringe for Robbie Williams Over Those Off-Colour Comments

*shudder* Now this is awkward. Robbie Williams was left red faced when he flirted up a storm with a concert-goer - and then found out she has just turned 15.

'Tis very early in the week to be cringing this much - but, rest assured, Robbie is as 'smoove' as always, managing to make something of a stand up routine surrounding the moment, which involved the terms "secretaries", "browser history", "you're 15?" "Is that your mum?" and so on. The man taking the video finds it all rather hilarious (until he's interrupted by a coughing fit) as does the crowd. These things happen... 

So how does he try to recover from that? He advises 15-year-old Morgan to "stay away from boys like me". Quite right!


Did you look more mature than your years? How did you deal with any extra attention?

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