Dakota & Melanie - Just A Normal Mom/Daughter Duo (at the Oscars..!)

So very awkward.

Poor Dakota. She opted to bring her mum Melanie Griffith to The Oscars (red carpet here) after splitting from her boyfriend Matthew Hitt, and I bet she wished she brought her dad instead. There was less chance of an arbitrary red carpet interviewer asking Don Johnson if he had seen his daughter in that red room...

Dakota's reaction is quite funny!


I understand where Dakota is coming from - it's a "please Mawm, stop embarrassing me, and can you start supporting my career already" kind of way. Then again, as a mother, I can totally see where Melanie's coming from too. To put it another way, Dakota should watch that scene from Working Girl and then reconsider her reaction. 

We actually like seeing this honest mom/daughter 

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