Did You See THAT episode of CBB Bit on the Side? Just, Wow.

Things got a bit Jeremy Kyle on CBB's Bit on the Side last night as the panel turned all kinds of nasty on one another. Although considering who was on it, we're not too surprised. They were playing with fire putting this lot in a room together.

Last night saw the double eviction of Jenna Jameson and Janice Dickinson from the Celebrity Big Brother house, and Rylan Clarke's after show brought on previous evictee Farrah Abraham, former BB star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace (who also appeared on this year's BB) along with Allo Allo actress Vicki Michelle, who probably wished she didn't show up at all after what happened.

Aisleyne and Farrah, as you may know, are not too shy about letting people know what they think, and it wasn't long before they clashed.

Aisleyne kicked things off when she was asked if she missed Farrah in the house, to which she responded, "No I don't. She was just horrible. She never took accountability for anything she did because she's a silly little girl. It's just pathetic. She's just nasty. There's one thing standing up for yourself and being a strong woman. There's another thing being a nasty horrible bitch. You've got your cheque, get on your plane and f*** off. No one likes you here."

Farrah's response was to just slow clap Aisleyne and say, 'Well done. Good job'.

A pretty frustrating but successful comeback really.

Later on then, Farrah was asked about fellow housemate Austin Armacost so she responded by talking about his anger issues. Aisleyne then interrupted to say it was a shame Farrah hadn't worked through her own issues.

Farrah responded with a curt, "Hag, be quiet"

Then Aisleyne said, 'Excuse me?'

So Rylan was all like, "Calm down."

And then... nothing!

All kinds of hells seemed to break lose but we didn't get to see any of it as the show reverted from the studio footage to a photo of the Big Brother eye.


Dammit, Big Bro!

According to a source though, "There was drink throwing and glass throwing and chair throwing. Security had to rush in. Vicki went to hospital to get checked out but she's OK."

Poor Vicki getting caught up between those mad spoons.

She later tweeted:

While Aisleyne also tweeted;

When the show did come back on air Rylan explained that the panel had to be removed due to an 'incident' with the show rapping up earlier than normal.

Phew! It's the final tomorrow night, let's hope everyone comes out of that in one piece.


The final (Thank God) is on tomorrow night on 3e at 9 pm. Will you be watching?

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