What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Relationship?

There's a moment in the movie Honeymoon in Vegas (haven't seen it? A pre-Sex and the City SJP stars with Nicholas Cage when he was credible. It's great! Watch it) when a couple's relationship is on the rocks and the way we know it thanks to a montage of them edging further and further away from them in bed.

Turns out the way you sleep with the partner say a lot about your relationship, and thanks to the people over at LittleThings.com, we now know exactly what each mean.

  • The Spoon

The classic, 18% of couples sleep this way, and it means that one partner is protective over the other, as well as being a sexual position.

The experts say that those who spoon together, stay together.

  • The Nuzzle

One partner's head on the other's chest signifies a high level of trust. The position is common among new couples, or those who have rekindled their love.

  • The Back Kissers

Sleeping back-to-back suggests that both partners are comfortable with each other, and have more than likely been in the relationship for a sustained period of time, probably over a year at least.

  • The Unraveling Knot

You start close together but move further apart as the night goes on. This supposedly means that you're in a mature relationship and have found a good mix between intimacy and independence.

  • The Liberty Lovers

A surprisingly high 27% of couples actually sleep like this, and it's a good sign. Despite staying away from each other, it suggests that you're both connected and secure with yourselves, enough so to let each other have some space.

  • The Leg Hug

The leg hug means, according to the experts, that your partner is either craving an emotional or sexual connection. If both of you initiate it, it means you both crave each other, even while asleep.

  • The Tangle

Again, this is the position of a new couple, and if you still do it after the initial months it may mean you're co-dependent.

  • The Space Hog

If one of you are taking up all the space, it may mean you have a lack of respect for the other, and feel that you feel more important.

Following on from that, if you rest your heads beside each other you're equal in your relationship, but if one of you leaves your head higher up in the bed, that person is the dominant force in the relationship.

Via Metro.co.uk


So, go on, dish. How do you sleep? We're all friends here...

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