The best things to buy on Black Friday

Even if the thought of Black Friday leaves a bad taste in your mouth, it can't be denied; there are good deals to be had.

Even though Black Friday represents all that's wrong in the world, it has its uses. I've avoided taking part since it became a thing in Ireland a few years ago because it's capitalism gone mad IMO. However, I'll be participating this year, not because I want all the things, but because other people do. I get it. It's not all about grabbing as much loot as you can just for the sake of getting it. The real benefit of Black Friday is that you can get stuff that you need for a much lower price.

Have you needed a fridge replacement for way too long? Get one on Black Friday. In the market for a good winter coat? On Black Friday, you might find the perfect one. Have a long Christmas present list? Get whatever you were planning on getting for a much lower price (that's what I'll be doing). This Black Friday, November 23rd, it might be time to bite your tongue and just accept that this shopping day could work to your advantage.

Why this Friday?

Black Friday is the Thanksgiving hangover. Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving in the US (which falls on the third Thursday of November) is when retailers finally get back in 'black' after being in the red in the lead-up. The reason is discounts. Retailers slash prices, and customers end up spending more than they would have because, well, deals.

It's very easy to get carried away when faced with all of those lovely bargains (a survey conducted by Picodi says that 43% of consumers participating in Black Friday buy spontaneously), but if you're smart about it, you can achieve shopping greatness on Black Friday.

Every shop will be blaring their Black Friday deals but don't buy a new pair of shoes or a hairdryer just for the sake of it. Buy because it makes sense. To help you stay focused, here is our guide to the best things to buy on Black Friday.



Electronics has become a by-word for Black Friday. They sell BIG on the day, and retailers reflect that by giving some amazing offers. It could be the perfect time to upgrade your laptop, camera or phone, for example.


In the same vein, Black Friday could give you the best opportunity to finally get a replacement GHD or any other type of hair appliance. I'm taking this chance to get a Babyliss Big Hair Care hot roller, which I saw on Amazon for £49. I'm also (finally!) getting an electronic toothbrush, specifically the Oral-B Genius 9000 which is as space-age as you can get.

Designer Bags

Even the big fancy stores will be slashing their prices for the day (or, more accurately, weekend) that's in it. I got a Marc Jacobs crossbody in Brown Thomas a couple of years ago for less than half price - and I use it every day.


Sign up for Aer Lingus and Ryanair emails if you haven't already, and keep a close eye out for their Black Friday announcements. Airline style is to do a 'flash sale', and only the quickest get the best deals. Be the quickest!

Winter Clothes


Really nice coats and boots are the only things not already on sale at the moment; until Friday, that is. If you want to stock up on winter clothes while it's still actually winter, this Friday is probably the time to do it.

The Picodi survey says that 58% of Irish people are going to take part in Black Friday 2018; will you be one of them? What bargains are you hoping to snatch?

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