Why natural candles are the way forward for our homes

We love to burn a scented candle. We love the ambiance and glow they bring to our home. Now we're switching to natural candles that just happen to be Irish.

My mother has a saying that when you buy a gift for someone it should be something they can 'eat, drink or burn'. I wholly agree with the philosophy, however, I added on 'or wear' at the end because who doesn't love a scarf or a new top? Essentially, what she means is that if you buy a person something they can use, the gift won't go to waste or get re-gifted. Buy me a candle, a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates and I promise it will be opened and used that very day. Which brings me on to soy candles and why they are the best choice.

Candles fit into both the luxury category and the practical category for me. I use candles so often that it is actually a practical gift. Anyone who loves nothing more than a relaxing evening in their cosy home probably has a love affair with candles going on.

Mookie and Boo Soy and Beeswax natural Candles

Mookie and Boo Soy and Beexwax Candle Signature Scent No 3 Darcey Rose €35

In recent years, a few downsides of burning candles have been brought to light for me. I was upset to hear that they are damaging to the environment, our homes and even to our health. Have you ever noticed markings on the walls where you burn candles? Regular paraffin wax candles produce soot that is harmful to the atmosphere and causes marks on the walls and ceilings in your home.


If you switch to the natural alternative of soy wax or beeswax candles there are pretty much no downsides. Soya wax or beeswax burns for longer and at cooler temperatures than regular paraffin wax candles. If you care for the environment you will be pleased to know that they are also biodegradable. They also have much fewer chemicals than paraffin candles.

Emma's So Naturals Glass TumblerEmma's So Naturals Tumbler Candle €25

These are two of my favourite natural candle ranges. Mookie and Boo (isn't that the cutest name) and Emma's So Naturals are both 100% Irish which we love. Mookie and Boo candles are available from the Mookie & Boo Beauty Boutique in Greystones in Wicklow or online from their website. The packaging is just so beautiful. They make a gorgeous gift or treat for yourself. They are just as beautiful as many of their high-end, scented peers but with a prettier price tag. Emma's So Naturals are gorgeous, too. They actually burn for longer than most candles you might be used to and are probably cheaper.

Have you tried natural alternatives to the usual scented candles?

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