Why #textdoorneighbour has been trending on Twitter

So in case you missed it, #textdoorneighbour has been trending on twitter for the past day.

The idea behind it is to text the number that is one digit up or down from your own phone number and introduce yourself. A lot of people (a lot of bored people) decided to give it a try and some of the results are hilarious.

This guy was really not feeling it.


If things go south, just pull out the "wrong number" card.


The perfect analogy.



BFFs for life.

Shit got real very quickly here.

Of course, there are some people that got no love at all.

Hang in there Lucy. It's early days yet.


Have you tried it yet? Give it a go and let us know how you get on in the comments. Remember, a good opening is key.

Via Twitter

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