Will You Be Helping Durex With Their #CondomEmoji Quest?

Now bear with us for a sec, they raise a good point. The condom company has released stats that reveal 84% of 18 - 24-year-olds feel more comfortable discussing sex via the medium of emojis. The pic below is just one of the many examples. Most other ones involve the aubergine emoji...


Their findings also reveal that "more than one-third of 18-25 year olds claim not to care about safe sex and nearly half think that HIV will never affect them or their friends." This really quite worrying, which is why Durex's quest is a noble one. Bringing up the subject of safe sex can be a tricky subject to verbalise for some, so Durex want us to use the hashtag #CondomEmoji as much as possible, to will the powers that be to come across their proposed condom emoji. And here it is...


Would you use a condom emoji if it were made available?

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