Woman loses her passport so her husband improvises honeymoon pics

We've all had this nightmare at some point, but some of us actually have to live it.

Losing your passport before you're about to travel on any kind of holiday is rough but before you're about to embark on your honeymoon? That's a whole other level of misfortune.

Alas, that was the case for Indian woman Sana Patel two days before her honeymoon with husband Faizan.

However rather than have them both miss out on the trip she planned and booked, she insisted Faizan go on the trip without her. She's a better human than we could ever be.

Faizan went ahead with the trip but brought along a cardboard cut out of his wife's disembodied head with him to keep him company. No, seriously, he did.


Faizan mentioned Indian Foreign Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in his tweets in the hopes of getting her help and amazingly she replied.

As of last night, the new passport was with Sana, so all she needs now is her Visa. All going well, the newlyweds will soon be together on their trip as planned.


Via Metro

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