Women are posting pics of their clothes size on social media for a damn good reason

The #NoSizeFitsAll movement is shining a light on the ridiculous inconsistency of clothes size labels. And how it makes women feel

Do you firmly stick to one clothes size in whatever shop you fall into? Or do you have a wardrobe full of conflicting labels? I say I'm a particular size, but in reality, I don't have a size. Because it's all bulls*it.

You go into one shop, and you're a 12, and another and you're suddenly a 16. That does not make an iota of sense. The sad thing is, it's not just a frustrating fact of shopping, it really does have an effect on women's self-esteem. Cosmo says that to avoid 'shame', "1 in 5 UK women actually cut the label out of their clothes."


Jada Sezer and the WEP (Women's Equality Party had the bright idea to launch the #NoSizeFitsAll hashtag during fashion week season. The pure and simple aim is to highlight that a coat label does not define the woman.

The movement will ring true to any woman (every woman) whose clothes label has been made to feel embarrassed by the number written on her clothes, be it bigger or smaller than she thought it would be.


Something that has caused hours of shopping trip nightmares #NoSizeFitsAll #LFW

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Will you join the mission?

Via Cosmopolitan

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