Would You Buy a 3D-Printed Figure of Your Unborn Child?

The advent of 3D printing has meant that more and more people are finding ways to use the technology.

Some are using it for engineering purposes, in some cases it's even been used for medical surgeries and beyond.

However, a clinic in England is now offering expectant mothers the ability to hold their children before they're even born through 3D scanning and printing. Baby:Boo scans the mother's belly like your normal ultrasound and then creates a 3D composite of the baby for printing.

The idea is that you can see your child's face before it's fully formed and created.


As possibly odd as it sounds, it's become quite popular. “We've always been a step ahead of other studios in terms on technology and we wanted to make sure that we continued to lead the field," explained Katie Kermode.

"The 3D figurines are a really unique way to share the excitement of your new baby with family and friends."

Would you consider getting it done? Let us know in the comments!

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