Would You Watch a TV Show Starring Adele to Mark Her New Album?

It feels like we have been waiting an age for Adele's new album, but all good things and all that.

The singer was initially set to release her third album, rumoured to be called '25' in May 2014 but it was pushed back by Adele's record label XL Recordings.

Now however, it's really only a matter of weeks away as the much anticipated album is due out in November, and to mark the occasion, it looks like Adele will get her very own one-hour long TV show on BBC.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Adele is simply too big just to be part of a green room of guests on a chat show. She deserves her own dedicated programme where the spotlight will only be on her.''

Well exccccccuuuuusee me.

Although, this 'source' person is fairly on the mark. Fingers crossed the album will live up to that weight of expectation it's under.

In fairness though, it's Adele - she could sing the phone book to us and we'd be happy out.


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