Why You Should Write Yourself A Letter Instead of Making New Year's Resolutions

We all make New Year's resolutions full of good intentions but unfortunately, by the end of January, most of us have already failed. Why not try something different this year and write a letter to yourself for this time next year?


For the past two years, rather than just simply setting myself goals for the new year like most people, I've been writing myself a letter that I do not open until the following December.

You're probably wondering why I'd bother to do this, well here's the answer:

I've found that setting myself resolutions every year is a useless task as no matter how hard I try, I always fail at them.

So two years ago I started to reflect on the year that had just passed in an effort to figure out more reasonable New Year's resolutions.

This is when I had the idea to write myself a letter. I typed a letter on Google documents reflecting on everything that happened that year and my goals for the next.

When I opened it the following year, I was surprised at how far I had come in a relatively short space of time and how much I had managed to achieve.


Reflecting on the year helped me realise what was most important to me and allowed me to focus on these aspects of my life more.

When I wrote that first letter, I had just come off anti-depressants and was still battling with depression and anxiety.

Reading a letter from my past self and being able to see how far I had come with my mental health was so powerful and helpful for me.


What to include in a letter to your future self:

  • Reflect on the year - briefly discuss important things that happened, good or bad and what you learned from them.
  • Write about your goals for the new year- what do you hope to be doing this time next year or how do you hope to feel? Maybe you want to see your friends more often, work on your mental health, travel more, reconnect with old friends, get a promotion or switch careers etc.
  •  Discuss why these goals are important to you and how they will benefit you.
  • Remind yourself that it's okay if things don't work out as you want them to.



Have you ever written a letter to yourself? 

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