You can now use GIFs and large emoji on Tinder

Good news for Tinder users. Rather than have to put your feelings into words, the dating app is now going to let you use the full force of expression that comes with the animated GIF.

Tinder has partnered up with Giphy to bring GIF support to Tinder's iOS app. From now on, if you want to send a GIF to a match, you just have to tap the blue button, search through Giphy's vast collection of GIFs, and show your match how cool you are.

Other improvements include the ability to "Like" Tinder messages (by tapping the green heart next to a message), as well as the ability to upload Tinder profile pics directly from your camera. To do that, go to your profile, select edit, and when you tap the "+" to add a photo, you'll be able to choose whether you want to grab a photo from Facebook or your camera roll.

Tinder promises the new version of the software brings "significant enhancements" to the app's speed and reliability.


So what do you think? Is this a good idea? Are we further deteriorating our ability to express ourselves to potential romantic interests by giving ourselves the easy way out, using GIFs and emoji instead of actual words?

Or do we just need to calm down because it's all just a bit of fun?

You decide.

Via Mashable 

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