Zayn Reportedly Dating Gigi

Overlooking the Taylor Swift connection and the fact that he had that thing with her bessie mate Kendall Jenner not a million years ago, we now also have "Possibly Dating Zayn Malik" to add to the mix of "Why the awks handshake at the AMAs, guys?" Then again, that wouldn't explain why she hugged everyone else apart from Harry... the pair have been photographed together A LOT in the past, so one could wager there's history. 

Regarding the burgeoning romance between Gigi and Zayn, Us Weekly sources report that: "It’s a very new thing. They're just seeing where it goes... I wouldn't call them boyfriend and girlfriend - but seeing each other? Definitely."

According to Glamour Magazine: "Gigi and Zayn were also spotted partying together Sunday in West Hollywood after the AMAs, and eyewitnesses told Us that Gigi hopped into the car with Zayn after leaving the party."

And, to top things off nicely, here's some photos of Zayn looking lovingly into Hadid's eyes as they left an AMA after party together. Watch this space, etc etc.


Lookit, they're speaking. It must be true.

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