Zayn Malik's vid for #PillowTalk features Gigi Hadid

Of course it stars model of the moment Gigi Hadid, who just so happens to be Zayn's girlfriend (or his 'good friend' as recently described in that interview with Zane Lowe). In addition to some adult themes (including blossoming lotus vaginas, 'foxy boxing', and lots of shifting), there's also some technicoloured blowback action and talk about the bedroom being both "paradise" and a "war zone." It's fierce deep altogether.

As you can see, it's quite the departure from One Direction. It will be interesting to see if 1D fans will lap up Zayn's latest venture given a) he seemed intent on alienating himself from them by saying he never really wanted to be in the band from the offset, and b) it stars him getting cosy with his 'good friend' Gigi.

Despite this, fans seem to approve...


Any thoughts yourself? Has it the major bang of the Biebers off it?


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