How to dress for work like Amal Clooney

How to dress like Amal Clooney, the human rights lawyer with gorgeous hair and an impeccable work wardrobe.

Not only is Amal Clooney beautiful, talented and supremely intelligent, she has good style, too.

She is known as one of the most fascinating women in the world now, but when Amal got with George Clooney, she wasn't especially well known beyond academic circles. The fact was, George was an internationally recognised A-Lister, a bachelor who people suspected might be gay. When Amal stepped into the spotlight, with grace and ease, she still wasn't famous famous and when they were married, the world press focused mostly on the groom. The headlines that caused their own headlines, though, downgraded poor George to some actor that was once on the telly. The Business Woman reported that Internationally Acclaimed Barrister Marries An Actor. Buzzfeed said Accomplished Lawyer Amal Almuddin Marries That Actor from ER (Buzzfeed). Because the other fact is Amal is an extraordinarily accomplished human who happens to be breathtakingly beautiful and has style.

When The Business Woman and Buzzfeed published those headlines, they made the point that the most famous people in the world, aside from world leaders and murderers, are celebrities who sing and dance and dress up. And that is what the people want. We want to be entertained, and they are the entertainers. If Amal wasn't gorgeous and married to George, we wouldn't be as impressed by her career, and that's yet another fact. Her looks and style do not hinder her status as a role model, though. She can't help having a model figure and luscious hair, but her dress style is a part of her personality that can be learned.

If you work in the corporate world and struggle to dress professionally but with a little bit of panache, Amal is the woman to look to. She often sports traditional outfit combos like pencil skirts and t-shirts, but she always winks to individuality with pieces like a leather trench or an interesting handbag. She never appears in front of cameras - paps or otherwise - without perfectly coiffed hair. Sunglasses are non-negotiable.

Wearing an outfit that is one block colour is a sure-fire way to look instantly polished. Amal goes the extra mile, though, with cream based floral shoes. And for the slam-dunk, her bag picks up the orange red of her shoe. A perfect work outfit.


See what I mean about block colour? This ensemble gives serious Jackie O vibes, too; always a winner.

Amal is a fan of picking up colours...


Vintage inspired. Never goes out of style.

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