Beaut Awards 18: Vote for the Best in Haircare

The Beaut Awards 18 are a GO! Vote for the Best in Haircare and help inform women with their hair product choices this year.

We've spent months whittling down worthy haircare products to the shortlist you see before you. Although it's not actually that short. In fact, this is the most nominees we've ever had. Make sure you choose wisely - the winners will be the products women will turn to in times of frizz, flatness and fatigue for the year to come.

Voting is open for Bodycare now!

Voting is open for Skincare now!

Voting is open for Makeup now!

Buy your ticket to the Best in Beauty event - where the winners will be revealed! - from eventbrite now!

AND, don't forget to fill out the form at the end - every voter gets the chance to win haircare goodies worth over €100! Voting closes Tuesday, September 4.



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