Why this Irish 1 Hour Tan is one of the best we've ever tried

This 1 Hour Tan is particularly good for people who aren't into a faux glow

I have to openly admit that I'm not a huge tan fan. Now, I do accept it has a place, and I really do like the way it looks, so although I wouldn't use it on a weekly basis, I would on occasion.

One occasion when I definitely wanted a tan was for my wedding. I tan naturally, but even though my wedding was abroad, I know I wouldn't have time to sunbathe. So, I set out to find the right fake tan for me. Years ago, when I wore tan way more often, my favourite brand was Hi-Shi. Sleeping in tan is one of my pet hates, so I was after a tan that developed quickly - one that I could apply and wash off in an hour. And lucky for me, He-Shi has just the one in their repertoire.

hi-shi 1 hour tan

He/Shi One Hour Tan €28.45


The base thing I love about this tan is that it is a dark liquid; you can see it when you apply it, and you're instantly tanned. This one gets darker as the day progresses, but if you are like me and leave everything to the last minute, it's great as you can choose how dark or light you want it by how long you leave it on before showering. What I also love about this one is that it dries straight into your skin. It doesn't leave an oily residue, and it doesn't come off on your clothes. It's also safe for your face, doesn't streak and fades so beautifully.


There were so many tan launches this year. Which ones have you tried and which is your fave?

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