How to achieve the perfect smokey eye at home

When done right, a smokey eye is a stunning look that will suit just about everyone. It can be bold and daring or it may surprise you to know it can also be subtle and sexy.

Whatever the look you are trying to achieve, we have you covered. A smokey eye is a perfect look for over the Christmas and winter period. Seductive and striking.

Terrified to even try it? We get it you can go from movie star to looking like beetle juice all in a matter of seconds and a heavy hand. Fear not here is everything you need to know about achieving a smokey eye at home.


Most of us may use a primer for our foundation but did you know using an eyeshadow primer is another very effective tool in keeping your eyeshadow in place. If you are wearing a smokey eye, especially a dark one the last thing you want is an hour into your night and your shadow is smudged in all the wrong places. Before you begin use an eyeshadow primer to keep your shadow from budging, pat it onto the lid try to not rub it in.


Now that we have the lid covered, let’s think about the under eye. If you have dark circles a smokey could enhance them and have you looking more like Dracula than fashionista. Cover your dark circles with a good concealer, again pat into the skin. Using a finger is usually the softest way to apply as this skin is very thin and sensitive.


Now you have applied your base it is important to set it. A translucent setting powder works well for this.



I like to start any eyeshadow look with a neutral base. Apply it all over the lid and under the eye along the last line.


Next is your dark colour, remember not every smokey eye has to be black. Try grey, navy or dark brown if you don’t want to go for black. Use the colour and apply along the lash line above and below using a small pencil brush.


Next its time to blend. Smudge it all out to avoid it looking like lines. The rule is there are no rules. Blend, blend, blend.

Dramatic look

You can leave it there for a nice subtle but sexy look or if you want a more dramatic look you can pat some of the colour on the outer corners of your lid and then blend over the whole lid. Again, blend, blend, blend.

Finish it off

Add some liner and some mascara to finish off the look. Again, these don’t have to be black. Whatever you usually wear will always work best.


Have fun

Last but not least have fun with it. Remember its not life or death the worst that will happen is that you remove it all and start again. Play around with different shades and techniques and you will soon find what you feel good in.

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