3 juicy moisturisers for thirsty as hell winter skin

Because our skin is our biggest organ, it reacts badly to sudden change. This is why you might notice a sudden dryness or excess oil when the temperature dramatically lifts  - or drops.

Last week, when our weather app was telling us that the 'real feel' outside was about -20 degrees, Team Beaut was plagued by a case of reptile skin. You see, when the skin goes through a drastic change in temperature, it gets a "shock" and believe it or not our skin can go through 17 of these "shocks" per day. Just think of the difference in the temperature outside to the temperature on the Dart or at your office desk. They are all very different.

Because of this, it is really important to make sure you are using the right moisturiser for your skin type, and if you are suffering from dry winter skin, here are three products we know will keep your skin hydrated.


This one is a tinted moisturiser and not only does it include your SPF but it hydrates the skin and keeps it looking naturally glowy!


day wear plus

Again the smell of this is a winner for me. It reminds me of my deodorant (in a nice way) - they are both cucumber scented. Also, it includes your daily SPF and keeps the skin hydrated nicely.

  • Clarins Hydra Essentiel



This is a fabulous new moisturiser designed specifically to retain moisture in the skin. The science and technology behind this have been deeply studied and tested, and not only does it work; it smells divine. It'll be hitting stores by the end of January.

These are my three picks for the month, but what do you use?

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