31 age when women begin to look like their mother: AIEEEE

Are we starting to... LOOK LIKE SISTERS?!

In a press release we recieved this week "a survey claimed" that the age women really start to ramp up their skincare is 31.  And after the age of 40 women become increasingly obsessed with anti ageing - spending the  equivalent of a bank bailout on skincare and considering botox and other injectibles like never before.

And the reason for all this frantic activity?  We're worried that we're turning into our mothers.

This release sent us into gales of laughter.  Because it's SO TRUE!


Yes, much as we may love our darling mothers (and I have to be very careful here you understand as I know Beaut.ie Mammy *will* read this) we don't want to look like them.  No offence mammies, you're fine looking women - but you are a couple of decades older than us and our fellas don't fancy you.

Do you worry that you're starting to look like your mother?

Or is it too late ... and everyone thinks you're sisters already?

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