Get Your Glow On: The best foundations for a flawless face this Christmas

We all know that good make-up starts with glowing skin and while we’ll definitely be lashing on the glitter and sparkles for all the festivities, let’s not forget about what’s important: a great foundation.

So, to keep you looking fresh and luminous this season, we’ve rounded up some of the most aces of bases for glowing, gorgeous skin.


We couldn’t talk about luminous skin without giving this cult classic foundation a shout out. You’ll find it in every pro makeup artist’s kit and in most model’s backstage bag at Fashion Week too. The reason? Because it does what it says on the tin.


We’ve never really considered Bourjois to be a “budget” brand here at Beaut. Sure, their products are affordable but the quality is more high end than most of the other brands in the same price bracket, especially when it comes to this particular foundation. We love the glow it gives to skin and the price tag, obviously.




We fell in love with this earlier in the year, and while it’s pretty pricey the results speak for themselves. If you want a glowing, healthier-looking complexion in an instant (that doesn’t go shiny after 20 minutes) then this is the foundation for you.

The light, fluid texture glides over skin giving coverage but still looking natural.



For fans of Armani’s Luminious Silk foundation that are looking for a dupe, this is the closest we can find that won’t insult either your intelligence or skin. The liquid texture blends beautifully over skin to give a smoother, more polished appearance and also looks really great in selfies (because let’s be honest, after a few drinks, we all take them!).

Are you a fan of these too? Any other foundations to add to the list?

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