Liquid Blusher: is it what your makeup has been missing?

Liquid blusher can seem a bit daunting. But it's the perfect product for creating a dewy, fresh faced look during the summer months.

Liquid blusher could be the new best friend for a glowing complexion. It's easier to apply than you think and can give your complexion a luminous finish in just a few seconds.

Let's be honest though, blusher is one of those products that people either seem to love or loathe. Especially over the last few years when highlighting and contouring have become so popular. Nowadays though, there are more options to try than ever. From creamy stick formulas to powder to liquid blushers, we're absolutely spoilt for choice. And while traditional powders are fairly easy to get the hang of, cream and liquid formulas can be a bit scary. The good news is, they don't have to be.



Good blusher should almost be invisible, or at least not the first thing you notice. It should enhance your skin tone and eye colour and give your complexion a healthy finish. Using a liquid blusher makes it easier to achieve that kind of natural, luminous glow you see on celebrities walking the red carpet. But how do you get that?

Something that puts a lot of people off liquid blusher is the pigment. The trick, is to think less is more. Usually, one tiny dot of it is enough to cover half your face.


First, apply a dot to the back of your hand, and blend it lightly with your finger or a damp sponge. You'll be able to gauge how much or little you need this way. Then, smile a little and dab the product onto the apples of your cheeks. You'll see a much smoother blend if you build it up this way, but the colour will still come through. When you're happy with the finish, leave it alone for a dewy finish, or powder as normal for a semi-matte look. Once you've applied your liquid blush, it makes it a lot easier to see where highlighter or contour (if needed ) will go.

Do you use liquid blusher? Or is it still a little scary?

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