These habits could be prematurely ageing our skin

Prematurely ageing skin - three words we would rather not hear. But there are certain habits, that could be doing just that!

Prematurely ageing skin isn't exactly on our wish list. Actually, it's the exact opposite. We do everything we can to combat lines and wrinkles and keep our skin looking glowing and fresh. New miracle creams? Throw them our way. Light treatment therapy? Bring it on. Vitamin infused boosters and serums? Yes please.

Good skincare can go a long way towards keeping our complexion looking fresh. but what if you're harming your skin inadvertently with some bad habits? Here are three that most of us are guilty of, that could be prematurely ageing skin.

prematurely ageing skin

Refined Sugar

According to scientific research, sugar consumption and skin ageing are definitely linked. How this happens, is through a process called glycation, where the sugar in your bloodstream attaches to proteins to produce harmful free radicals. These start to affect elastin and collagen production and before you know it, your skin is starting to look less fresh and more hot mess.

It's nearly impossible to eliminate sugar entirely from your diet. But shunning the odd biscuit or glass of wine can certainly help. Really, it's just a case of being mindful of what you eat (and drink) as well as noticing sugar content. Do that, and it will help to stave off any unintentional ageing.


Lack of Sleep

We're all guilty of this from time to time. It can often seem like there aren't enough hours in the day at all. Looking after our sleep patterns is vital for the overall health of our bodies, minds and skin though.

When we sleep, it gives our bodies a chance to clear toxins and rejuvenate cells. Too little sleep can lead to skin dehydration and dark circles as well as disturbed cell turnover. All of this can lead to not only that horrible groggy feeling in the mornings, but also a lack lustre (and eventually prematurely ageing) complexion.

Crash Dieting

There aren't many of us who haven't done this at some point or another. Like clockwork each year - the minute we start getting close to any sign of summer, we're bombarded with ways to get the perfect "bikini body". You know what though - if you have a body and you're wearing a bikini... it's a bikini body. So don't worry about it.

Yoyo and crash dieting as we know, is a disaster zone. It makes you feel terrible and can lead to regaining more weight that you lost to start with. Crash dieting can also have consequences for our skin, hair and nails too. If you're not getting the right nutrients in your diet then they will start showing it.


Are you guilty of any of these too?

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