Do you know which kinds of booze are worst for skin?

Alcohol effects can range from happy memories to horrible hangovers. But - do you know which kinds of booze could be secretly wreaking havoc on your skin?

Alcohol affects more than just our mood. It can also secretly (and not so secretly) be affecting our skin too. We've all woken up looking a little glassy eyed and puffy after a night out. But was it because of the type of drinks we chose? The answers, might surprise you.

We're looking at some of the worst offenders when it comes to alcohol vs skin today. Of course, everything in moderation is always a good mantra, eh? And when in doubt, have a glass of water to help keep hydration levels up. Your skin will thank you for it in the morning!

So, which are the worst drinks when it comes to alcohol vs skin?

White Wine


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Let's get the really bad news out of the way shall we? Unfortunately white wine is terrible for our skin... *cries*. This is because of the high sugar content. Too much sugar leads to systemic inflammation which can cause puffiness, breakouts and redness. Oh, and that's before we've even got to the headaches.



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Who doesn't love a good cocktail? Unfortunately this is one of the worst for our skin because it not only contains a lot of sugar, but also salt. Too many and you're on track for some serious puffiness in the morning as well as a stonking hangover.

Gin & Tonic



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As far as cocktails go, you could do a lot worse than a classic G&T or V&T. Clear alcohol and spirits tend to be better for skin than their darker counterparts (such as rum). If you stick to a low calorie tonic water this isn't actually too bad when it comes to sugar levels either.

Red Wine


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Bad news for red wine drinkers I'm afraid... this classic tipple contains sugar (which we know is bad for skin) and also causes vasodilation and a histamine release. These combined, result in skin flushing and redness as well as potential puffiness. So, if you're worried about redness, keep this as a treat.



Here's something you may not have known - beer contains anti-oxidants! While it may have more calories (unless you go for a low cal option) than most other drinks, it's believed to be a bit better for our skin. That's mostly down to the lower alcohol content and fact people take longer to get through a pint than a glass of wine though.




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