3 ways to depuff tired eyes in a jiffy

Tired eyes can take us by surprise, so usually need to be dealt quickly. Here are our three top tips for reducing unwanted puffiness in a jiffy.

Tired eyes are something we've all dealt with from time to time. Stress, lack of sleep, long working hours, parental duties... there are any number of reasons why you might not be feeling or looking your best. Unfortunately, as we know, it is usually our eyes that show the first signs of fatigue. And while we might be able to soldier on, the signs are still there.

Puffiness can pop up overnight and take you by surprise. Which is why it needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Here are our top tips for battling puffiness and tired eyes.


Cold spoon massage

This is such a simple trick but can work wonders on puffy, tired eyes. Simply pop a spoon into the fridge before you go to bed and then in the morning you have a makeshift, cooling massage tool.


To beat the puff, place the curved edge of the spoon against your skin underneath your eye.  The coolness of the metal will help to soothe and reduce swelling. Then, gently glide the spoon up towards your temple. This action helps to drain toxins and increase circulation.

Eye patches

We've spoken about eye patches before, but we'll say it again - they can work magic when it comes to tired eyes. The trick is to put them on as quickly as possible in the morning so there's time for them to work. Thankfully, they work pretty quickly. To help reduce puffiness, choose cooling patches. Once removed, you'll find the skin underneath hydrated, smoother and ready for makeup.

Caffeine eye cream

Eye cream is a good all round product for many reasons, but if you need to reduce puffiness then look out for formulas containing caffeine. This added ingredient helps to fast track lymphatic drainage and perk up tired eyes. To give your eye cream an added boost, pop it in the fridge the night before so it's extra cooling when applied.


Do you have any other tips for tired eyes?

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