Arse about face: and why you should actually aim to look like a bottom

Kirstie's just told you about the Neutrogena launch we attended and something happened at it that made us bahaha so much that I had to share it with you.

One of the pieces of wisdom we heard had the audience  collectively widen their eyes and wonder exactly when was the last time they'd seen their backside up close and personal.

For you see it's external agressors that are responsible for much of skin ageing.  Things like pollution, sundamage and the weather all play a huge part im making us look older and more wrinkly than we ever should.  And one way to assess how much havoc  external aggressors have wreaked on your visage is simply to look at your bum, we were told.


"Jesus" muttered the girl sitting next to me, "the skin on my backside is horrible".  We both agreed to go home and treat our arses to a nice exfoliating scrub and lashings of body butter.

So your bum may be less than peachy keen - but it's been protected from the elements for the whole of your life (apart from that one time when your bikini bottoms fell off in Tunisia) and as such it's going to be the biggest (er) area that is as nature intended.  Unless you were an enthusiatic nude sunbather, or fond of wearing assless chaps while queing for a bus in the wind and rain,  it's going to be the youngest and smoothest part of you.

What do you think - what's your bum looking like?  Would you be happy to swap it with your face?  Thoughts please!

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