Ask and You Shall Receive - Can You Get Microdermabrasion if You Have Spots?

Jill asked us in the comments on the post about my microdermabrasion experience at the fab Nu Essence Salon whether clear skin is a pre-requisite for having the treatment done? "Can you have a little spot maybe, or some dry patches do you think, or a recovering coldsore? I’m a bit patchy skinned at the mo post winter, and have a few little scars", was her query.

Intrepid miss that I am, I got on to Nu Essence because I didn't know myself. They got straight back to me and said that spots are fine, and scars are actually good to work on because "the treatment can reduce their appearance as long as they are 6 months old or older". They also say that "you don't have to have completely clear skin as otherwise you wouldnt really need to have the treatment done". So basically, unless your skin is highly sensitive, blemishes are also fine to work on. The only thing they do avoid is working on skin with a cold sore "simply to prevent the potential for another one occurring on the client".


As for whether you need it from an anti-aging point of view - you may not. But because it's good for other things as well as a reduction in fine lines, you'll experience those benefits anyway.

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