Ask Beaut: How Can I Wave Goodbye to Eye Bags?

Last week we launched Ask Beaut where every week we'll be answering all your beauty dilemmas, troubles and concerns (and if you've any to add, you can check out all the original questions here).

First question to our Beauty Editor was all about waving goodbye to eye bags.

Mandy asks:

Hi Aisling! I have the worst dark circles and bags under my eyes. Not much I can do about the bags (thanks Mom) but I can never fully cover up the darkness without being caked in make up I have tried the Bobbi Brown colour corrector, with the Clarins instant concealer, I have tried Benefit Erase Paste, a Rimmel colour corrector, NYX HD concealer and the new Catrice liquid camouflage concealer. Whilst they do take down a little of the darkness its just not enough and I constantly look like I haven’t slept. I just dont want to invest in any more products unless I know they will provide any more coverage….help!


Hi Mandy,

Thanks so much for your question. It's a common problem, you're not alone!


Let's address each issue separately. Patricia has also asked about dark circles so I'm going to answer your eye bag reduction question first and follow up soon with a separate article on dark circles.

For the bags, unfortunately, yes, it's a genetic thing. But if you have a big event or occasion, you can use "Preparation H".

The gel one works best unless you have a very dry skin, in which case you should go with the cream. It's about €5 and yes, it's a gel for hemorrhoids but is perfectly safe to use around the eye area.

Remember that less is more, and it will take about ten minuets to work. This is not for use every day, and it will thin the skin over prolonged periods of time (I'm talking years) but for any big event or occasion or even weekends, its a neat little trick.

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Hope this helps! Let me know how you get on.

Ais x

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