Banish Pillow Creases: YSL Forever Youth Liberator Night Cream review

Anti-Rides Lift.

No, not the sign on a convent escalator: rather this is the promise on the new YSL anti ageing moisturiser.  I know we love having an immature arf over the French translation of anti wrinkle and sure I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have another one.

But I will put childish things away because I want to tell you about this new fabarooney and decadently expensive new night creme from YSL.

There is NOTHING I like better than night cream.  Apart from maybe serum.  And um cleanser.  And er eyeliner.  But you get the picture: night cream is right up there for me.  The packaging alone of this product is so aesthetically pleasing that it might very well have you at hello and the pretty pink cream contained within is delicately and deliciously scented.

But what makes this cream different from the rest and worthy of its €77 price tag?


Well if you've found yourself waking up with deeper "pillow wrinkles" than ever before and are finding that your regular night cream isn't doing the trick to plump up your skin at night then sit up and take notice.  Forget pillow wrinkles - I get big bloody lines down the side of my face and it is one thing that is certain to get my day off to a bad tempered start, so that's why I was keen to try this out.

I won't even go into all the sciency stuff in boring detail: but basically YSL have done years of research into the way our skin acts at night and have found that it's really between the hours of twelve and one that cell division in the skin picks up and rejuvenation occurs.  But as we get a bit older fluid doesn't flow properly within the skin because we're lying down (possibly with our mouths open and drooling), hence the pillow creases, deeper looking wrinkles and possibly puffy face in the morning.

YSL patented GlycanactifTM complex aims to tackle all these issues - and you will have them if you're a side sleeper.  And you might say, yeah but that's a made up term and what are glycans in the skin anyway and sure cosmetic companies will make up any old thing to get you to part with your cash.  But although there's a measure of truth in that, the fact is that there have been tremendous advances in skincare science over the last few years: so much so, that you can actually believe what you're being told.  It's not quackery:  reputable companies spend an absolute fortune on R&D and have discovered valid ways to make skin fresher, younger and less lined.

The cream is rich, sinks in quickly and a little dry patch of skin I had on my cheek cleared up after the first night of use.  Immediately I noticed softer skin and in the morning I had none of the annoying "drying up in the night" that you sometimes get with other night creams.  After a week the difference was more noticeable - much less dry skin - and therefore less lines.  I actually haven't noticed any pillow creases in the week I've been using it, but this could be coincidence because it takes about a month  to really kick in and make a long lasting difference to your skin.  So I'll keep going and hope my HORRIBLE pillow lines may feck right off with themselves forever.

In short: Love.


YSL Forever Youth Liberator Night Creme (€77) at YSL counters nationwide.


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