BATTLE! Lancôme NEW Génifique Eye Cream vs. Una Brennan's Vitamin C+: Dark Circles, You're Under Attack

We all have different skin crosses to bear - pigmentation, acne, eczema patches, severe dryness. You know, that one thing you would change if your fairy skin godmother/genie in a lamp/super hero dermatologist waved their magic wand/lamp/super hero cream.

For me, it's fine dehydration lines around the eyes (which aren't fine at all if you ask me ) and especially the dreaded dark circles under my eyes. I blame my parents - a lot of it comes down to genetic lottery (I did not get the bonus ball in this round). And if I miss a few hours sleep, I look like something the kraken dragged up from the depths of the Liffey, a panda-eyed creature that lives amongst the trolleys.

For the last few weeks I had been using Úna Brennan's Vitamin C+ Brighten Dark Circles Eye Cream from the Super Facialist range. Now, I love the cleansing oil (Calpol whiff notwithstanding) so I had high hopes for the sister eye cream (€15.59 for 15ml). But it was no match for my circles of doom, and while it does moisturise, it didn't  quite deliver the hydration hit that the paper thin skin under my eye required.

lancome eye

I have invested a lot of pennies trying to find that elusive product that would fix the circle of death (take that, Elton) around each of my eyes. So when I saw Lancôme's new peeper offering, I was a little excited.

Génifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Cream joins the Génifique range of products that is designed to address the signs of ageing. This little pot of magic isn't cheap at €52 for 15ml; you'd be half-expecting to find a little genie sitting inside. On closer inspection I did not find any silk-trousered, chest-baring man (how does Simon Cowell fall into the category of genie now?) but I did find some heavy hitting claims.

This potion claims to reduce the severity of wrinkles around the eye area (both underneath and crow's feet), to reduce the intensity of dark circles and also to reduce the visibility of the skin sagging of the upper eyelid. So far, so genie.



dark circle

The texture of the cream is light and refreshing. It's a gel-cream that is cooling on the eye area and provides some heavy hitting moisturisation.

Did the Lancôme version manage did reduce the dark circles? No. I continue to clutch my concealer and Touche Éclat pen. But it did a great job in reducing the appearance those little dehydration lines under the eye.

If you need something to tackle fine lines and those first signs of ageing, this is a good option. But if you have younger skin or skin that doesn't yet need that heavy hydration shot, then the cheaper Super Facialist option will do just fine.

And so, it is with the charm of the kraken that I place a little crown upon Lancôme's lid-dy head and appoint Úna Brennan's Vitamin C+ as the court jester.

eye cream

Advanced Génifique Yeux will be on counters from July 2nd.


Are you interested in trying this new Lancôme eye offering? Do you suffer with dark circles? And what is your holy grail product? To the comments!

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