How To: Applying eye cream


Bunnybun wondered in yesterday's Blather where the feck she should be applying her eyecream for maximum effect, so I thought I'd put together this wee guide about applying eyecare products for herself and anyone else who's pondering the same sort of thing!

How much do I need to use?
You need far less than you'd think - only use about the size of a grain of rice for each eye, unless the instructions with your own eyecream state otherwise. This is because using too much product in the area can cause milia (weeny little spot-like things) and will, ironically enough, lead to puffiness.

How do I apply it?
Always use the pad of your ring finger to apply creams, gels, serums or the like around the super-delicate eye area. Your ring finger is actually your weakest digit so is less likely to pull or drag on the fragile skin than any other finger; any undue pressure in the eye area can contribute to the formation of undereye bags or additional lines.


Where do I apply it?
- Dot your chosen product along the perimiter of the orbital bone area - on the rim of your skull's eye socket, in other words. This might seem like feckin' miles away from where the lines and wrinkles are, but once the cream is absorbed into the skin it will travel to the target area. Apply it any closer and you risk scalding the eye out of your head!
- Use a very, very gentle patting motion along the orbital bone until the dots of cream are *just* absorbed. Regardless of whether you're putting the stuff on above or below your eyes, always work towards your nose, so from the outside in; this reduces the risk of dragging the skin.

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