Beautienomics: M&S Launch Face Masks Eddie Hobbs Would Approve Of

When these little face mask packets from Marks and Spencer landed on my desk recently, I gave them some serious side eye action. Shade guns were set to stun and I had prepared to be underwhelmed. I mean, I'd seen and tried what our readers voted for in the Best Face Mask category of the Best in Beautie Awards 2014. I KNEW stuff.


Yes, it is the return of the balaclava face mask. You know the ones, round shape, holes cut out for your eyes, nose and mouth so that you can both breathe and terrify small children while attending to your beauty regime. And those are three of my favourite activities.

MaskerAide is a range of six single-use facial sheet masks, each in some very pretty and kitsch packaging. 

all nighter

The range includes:

  • All Nighter (awaken, replenish and refresh)
  • Beauty Rest'ore (restore, regenerate and repair)

beauty rest'ore

  • Detox Diva (cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify)

detox diva 

  • I Don't Wanna Grow Up (lift, firm and soften fine lines)I Dont Wanna Grow Up
  • Pre Party Prep (brighten, prime and energise)

pre party prep



  • Weather Warrior (calm, soothe and heal)weather warrior

I took them home, ready to slate them and say 1986 called and it wants its face masks back. 'Cos that would have been flippin' hilarious.

But do you know what? I was actually quite charmed by them. No, they are not going to rival the fancy facial you get at the spa and no, your skin won't be changed dramatically. But if you are going for a at-home spa experience in your bathroom because pay day is too far away, these might just be for you. They'll set you back €7 each. 

I tried the Beauty Rest'ore (after locking the bathroom door and sending the children of the neighbourhood off with Pied Piper of Hackettstown) and was pleasantly surprised. The mask is infused with lavender oil which works perfectly before bed time and left my skin super soft.


These won't be for everyone but as a cheap and cheerful treat that you pick up on the way home, a gift for a teenage niece/daughter or even popped into a goodie bag for Mother's Day, these fit the skin bill.

Have you spied these on the shelves at your local M&S beauty hall? Are you tempted to give them a go or would you rather save up your pennies for a really decent facial? 

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