Top makeup tips for fabulous, fiery redheads

In honour of St. Patrick's Day and red-headed cailíní, we're re-visiting this beautiful makeup look that our Beauty Editor, Aisling, created for flame-haired Marcia Cross when she appeared on The Saturday Night Show. 

After the response on social media about the makeup I did for Marcia Cross, (that's Brie from Desperate Housewives in case you were living under a rock four years ago), I decided to divulge further and let all you redheads in on a makeup secret.

Choosing makeup for redheads can be a minefield. It's really hard to know what colour palette to choose and what works with your skin tone and hair tone.

IMG_6145 Marcia Cross just before her interview on The Saturday Night Show, (makeup done by me)

Makeup for this tone is probably one of my favourites to do to be honest, probably because it's quite a hard one to match and get perfect. A lot of colour theory and correction comes into it, but I love a challenge and I especially love using makeup to emphasise a person's natural beauty, so this ticks all the boxes for me.

The thing to keep in mind when choosing makeup for redheads, is that with foundation, you are matching your natural skin tone which, more often than not, is cool. (If you missed our article on how to match your skin tone, you can catch up here.)

The funny thing is when it comes down to eyes, lips and cheeks you want to choose warm tone colours. As I have mentioned before, a warm tone colour is one with a red or orange base tone. I'm not advising you to wear a red or orange eyeshadow, but more to wear a warm tone brown.

Tones like blues or greys will be very severe on this skin tone, so unless you want to go for an extreme look, I would suggest sticking to warm tones.

Without further ado, here is the breakdown of the products I used on Marcia.


MAC Strobe Cream


Makeup Atelier Foundation




MAC Pro Palette Shadster and Bone (Contour)



MAC ORB shadow (Highlight)


MAC Margin (Blusher)




MAC Lingering pencil (Brows)





MAC Brule and Nylon shadow (brow bone)


MAC Groundwork paint pot (eyeshadow base)


MAC Cork, Wedge, Handwritten shadows ( crease and under eye)




MAC Woodwinked and Antiqued shadow (Lid and under eye)




YSL Black Mascara Volumise





MAC Boldly Bare (Liner)

boldly bare

MAC Shy Girl (Lipstick)

Shy Girl

MAC Love Nectar (Lipgloss)


Love nector



And there you have it, all the inside secrets. Are you a redhead who has struggled to get the right tone in make up for years? What are your main downfalls?

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