Bobbi Brown concealer and foundation: fresh face fake it tips

bobbi brown

Ah makeup.

What else can make you feel so good so quickly and vastly improve your appearance in a matter of seconds?

Nothing.  And post Christmas we all could do with a bit of help if we've been burning the candle at both ends.

So when a comunikay arrived yesterday from Bobbi Brown with words of wisdom I knew you'd be interested.  Along with all the usual blah about drinking eight glasses of water a day and eating properly there were some good tips on how to use her products to wake yourself up and put some "spring" into your step (pun intended).

She reckons you need not one but two concealer type products to combat dark shadows under the eyes. "For an instant lift, use a pink- or peach-toned Corrector to brighten and neutralize discoloration under the eyes. Next, layer a yellow-toned Creamy Concealer  one shade lighter than your skin tone directly over the Corrector" (read our take on the Creamy Concealer duo here).


For alternatives to Bobbi Brown take a look at the top five concealers loved by you in last years Awards and check our concealer category for reviews of other brands.

Now it's on to foundation.  "Most women have yellow undertones in their skin so a yellow-toned foundation will blend perfectly and look like it belongs. Test the color on the side of your face and also on your forehead (it should disappear). Once the color is correct, choose a formula that gives you the coverage and finish you're after.   For dry winter skin, try Extra Repair Foundation SPF25 ."

Kirstie really liked this new foundation (read her take on Extra Repair Foundation) but I'm not at all convinced with this whole "yellow toned" foundation lark suiting almost every  woman in the world.  But if you do have a yellow toned (sallow complexion) then it's a winner. (The issue of "am I pink or yellow" is covered in Gorgeous to Go -  check your copy for tips).

Want more?  Check out our step by step tutorial on how to brighten up your everyday makeup.

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