Boots Smooth Care Hair Removal Cream for Underarm and Bikini Line works but... oh just read it!

I never know what to do to de-gorilla my bikini line. Waxing - too painful! Shaving - that regrowth! I'd never tried hair removal cream before, so I figured I wouldn't splash out too much the first time. This box of tricks supplies the hair removal cream plus a soothing shea butter moisturiser - a nice touch, for seven quid.

But does it work? Well the cream got rid of the hair I wanted to get rid of, yes, but it STANK. Then I remembered that this is characteristic of all hair removal creams, no matter how much that they protest otherwise, so I let that go.

However, I did not like the way it made what was left on my...erm...foof,  feel coarse and stiff.  Again, not sure if this is characteristic of all hair removal creams or just Boots' own-brand one. Still, I won't be repurchasing. And I'm still not sure where I stand on the bikini line debate.


How do you get on with hair removal creams?  Am I alone in experiencing this er side effect?

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