Bridal Diary: Engagement rings through the ages

For many women, their engagement ring is going to be the most precious item of jewellery they ever own (until they lose it, like about 99% of women do. My estimation, but it seems about right).

A lot of thought goes into it, and hmming and hawing until you come across The One, and cry a waterfall of joy, and sip on champagne, and can't stop looking at it, and keep a glove over it at all times in case a robber spots the bling and cuts your finger off for it. And then you get used to it and notice it's not even on your finger anymore. Oops!

Anyway, MODE has come up trumps again and released a very sparkly video that chronicles how engagement ring styles have changed over the past 100 years. Not to mention how manicures have changed. Guys, let's stop doing that different coloured ring finger nail thing now. I think it's over.


They are, admittedly, gorgeous, although we're not too hot for the '70s and '80s styles. What style takes your fancy? Does your ring (or the ring you might like some time) resemble anything like it? I think that some of the newer, more modern rings are so very cool. In another life...

My engagement ring is antique, from 1910, and as I mentioned before, it's 'delicate'. Some of those bad boys look like they'd make me lose the use of my left hand.


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