Urban Decay Heavy Metal Gold Glitter Eyeliner Review + Swatch

urban decay

I've had a tube of this particular bit of bling for nearly a year, but only really started wearing Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner, €18, since the end of January. There was a woman at a party I was at who was wearing a casual lick of sparkly gold liner with an otherwise natural-looking face of make-up, and it looked so totally amazeballs that I came very close to leaving the do immediately and racing home to dig out my tube of Heavy Metal to try it myself. I somehow managed to control myself and stay put for the night, but it's a look I've channeled frequently since.

urban decay gold glitter

The plentiful silver-gold glitter pieces in Urban Decay Heavy Metal Midnight Cowboy are packed into a clear gel, and they're so abundant that one slick is enough to load my upper lashline with sparkles. I've never had a problem with irritation or fallout, which are issues I've had with other glitter liners in the past and are really not problems you want to have with anything you're putting next or near your peepers.



Best of all, it makes my eyes look wide awake, bright, and super green, and even if you're not a magpie like myself (I wear it day and night!) it would be a dead simples way to dress up your office appropriate make-up for an evening out.

Love it.

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