Can this product really defy gravity and give you "sexy contours?"

I don't know about you , but when I read descriptions on a product such as "delivering toned, sexy contours" it makes me wonder what the cosmetics world is coming to. Has the marketing industry over promised and over-sold so much that now they are running out of ways to sell to us?

Glam Glow is a brand I quite enjoy. I'm a fan of their original mud mask among other things. However, I sometimes feel that brands have a tendency in using their one product success as a springboard. Then, because they have that one good product, they quickly develop other products to sell to the consumer (because we know the first one works) but don't put the time or effort behind it, and make empty promises that they can't keep.

I feel this is prevalent here. Basically, Glam Glow has created a brush-on/peel-off mask. We have all heard of this sort of thing - but not ones that magically give you a face lift and contour your face. I mean they might as well have told you that this product will fly you to the moon. The spaceship chrome toned finish is admittedly is quite cool -  and possibly the only good thing about this mask.


As far as masks go, this isn't a bad one. Like any Glam Glow mask, my skin feels radiant and smooth. But it most certainly does not create miracles. The false advertising has left a bad taste in my mouth (which is now surrounded by silvery particles that I can't quite remove).

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